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How often do you change your design style? Let’s be honest, every couple of years as new trends come along, I find myself wanting to adapt some aspects of those trendy designs into what I already have. This is why choosing versatile pieces is so important in designing your space.

When looking for a versatile piece you want to look for something that is timeless and can go with a variety of different styles. You may be thinking, “how can one piece go with such different design styles”? That’s a good question.  A timeless classic design, is one that doesn’t scream the decade it was made in like mid century might or a trendy style like Modern Farmhouse does. Classic designs blend beautifully with a variety of styles.  If you need help choosing timeless pieces with a fresh modern appeal look no further. We are here to show you the value and versatility of choosing a timeless piece! In my opinion, choosing a timeless piece is something you’ll never regret and will be one that you’ll love for years to come.

The piece shown in these posts is a beautiful deep-toned console table with a geometric pattern on the front from Currey & Co. Choosing a piece that has different tones and dimensions is also key in catering to multiple design styles because of its ability to blend with so many different pieces as styles change.

With a timeless piece it is easy to switch out paint color, fabric colors and textures, different shaped pieces of furniture, etc. as you find new styles that you like. Shown in the pictures above you can see that we’ve included room scenes that are contemporary, abstract, and eclectic and the piece works in every space. Honestly with a piece like this, the design styles that you can achieve are endless!

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Date Posted: October 23, 2020

Category: Affordable Style, E-design, Furniture, Interior Design

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