The Definitive Guide to 2019 Kitchen Trends

It’s that time of year, when writers and bloggers predict what they think will be hot in Interior Design and Fashion.

Being new to writing a blog, I’ve never made the trek to the Top Trends annals, I am however an authority on kitchen design therefore qualified to participate. What I’ve designed and built over my career has always been popular and on trend. Though, I haven’t actually decided on everything I think will be hot this year, this writing will force that. I am prepared to walk the plank and put myself out there for all to see. So, here it is, The Definitive Guide to 2019 Kitchen Trends. No need to look any further.

1.Natural Wood – I hope I’m right about this one because I’ve designed in my mind a kitchen with raw matte white oak cabinets and pantries paired with more cabinets in a crisp white.

OBH Furniture

2. White Kitchens – Though not a new trend, white kitchens are still hot. This versatile kitchen design will remain a popular in 2019.

Design Directions

3. Back to Basics – Using materials with an organic natural feel, courtesy of Mother Nature, will be big in kitchen design this year. Think wood counter tops and beams, zinc and nickel vent hoods, bead board paneling, woven light fixtures and natural stone.

Kelly Nutt Design

4. Matte Black Cabinets – The complete opposite of the all white kitchen, but it’s almost as versatile. Add on boldly veined marble counter tops, polished brass hardware and plumbing fixtures and you’ll have a winning kitchen that’s trendy yet classic.

source unknown

5. Modern Mixed with Rustic – Sleek modern cabinetry and polished surfaces mixed with a side of reclaimed timber or a rough hewn wood island top is a trend I expect people will get behind. It gives homeowners a chance to get the modern feel they might crave but wouldn’t necessarily fit into their traditional ranch home in the middle of the city, without the addition of the woods.

via Dwell

6.Two Toned Reigns – This kitchen design trick is something we’ve been using for a while now. It started with stained cabinets mixed with painted white cabinets, uppers or lowers and has transitioned to using other colors as well. I think bold jewel tones mixed with white and natural wood is going to be a thing in 2019 and it should be. How gorgeous would this be!

Design Directions

7. Smart Appliances – More and more homeowners are using technology like Alexa and Google Home and with this integrating kitchen tools and appliances is an obvious trend for the coming year. Personally, I haven’t tried any for the kitchen, but here’s a list of products from PC Magazine that they’ve tested and like.


8. Specialized Organization – An organized kitchen is nothing new, but what goes into today’s kitchen is. For example, the mobile devices we all use, phones, tablets, laptops, etc. There’s never enough USB ports for everything. Under cabinet plug systems with integrated USB ports and tablet and phone docks, like these from Legrand

Design Directions

Brooke Wagner Design

9. Statement Pendant Lights – The lighting markets are full of gorgeous oversized pendant lights and the use of these above kitchen islands will be big again this year, even more so than last year.

10. Timeless Traditions – 2018 was filled with trends that harken to mid century and bohemian styles, but I believe 2019 will bring the resurgence of more traditional materials in kitchen design and in general interior design. Natural wood, honed marble and subtle wall textures will make a strong comeback. People recognize that these materials can still look fresh and modern, but will also stand the test of time. Combined with some of other trends I wrote about above, this kitchen will become a reality for many homeowners this year and likely be the most built this year.

OBH Furniture

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year filled with lots of love,

Valerie Helgeson

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