How to Refresh Your Home with the Items You Already Have

While the world continues to fight against the coronavirus, most of us will continue to spend our time at home. Home has become more than just the place we eat, relax and spend time with our families, it’s also the place we work and school our children. So now, more than ever we need it to make us feel comfortable and happy.

While this current situation is far from being positive, there is always an upside to look for. Spending so much time at home may have given you the leisure to look around and assess your surroundings.  My guess is that after weeks of being stuck at home you’ve noticed some things you might like to change and hopefully it’s not your spouse or kids.

There are lots of little things you can do to freshen things up, maybe even using what you already own. If you find a little “freshen up” just isn’t going to cut it, then absolutely call us and we’ll help you out.

Start by shopping your house,

Take a walk around and gather up the accessories, books, vases, candleholders, framed photos… tchotchkes of any kind.  Then redistribute them in new groupings and new places.

Try switching decorative pillows from one room to another, or mixing them up. 

Moving art from one wall to a new one can make a big impact.

Try your hand at rearranging the furniture.  

Move an area rug from one room into another, or flip it over and see if the backside might look cool.

Some textile materials can make interesting design elements. Think rugs or even vintage clothing.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty paint a tired piece of furniture a fun new color.

Fresh flowers and plants ALWAYS make a home look and feel more cheerful.


Consider making some small purchases online.  Etsy is a great place to find pillows and art. Just remember the end game is to make your home a place you want to be.  If you decide a remodel or a whole home makeover is in order, we’re here to help.


Stay safe and well.


I’ve put together some favorite finds that you can order and make a big impact without spending a ton of dough.




           Price – $87

artificial plants, moss, home interior design



          Price – $91+

floral pillow cover



          Price – $76+ 

pillow cover



          Price – $85+


pillow cover



          Price – $99+


pillow cover, home interior design



           Price – $567


pillow cover set, home interior design



           Price – $30.5+ 

decorative feather printable artwork, interior design



          Price – $21

printable artwork, interior design



            Price – $269

grey area rug, hoe interior design




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Date Posted: May 8, 2020

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