Interior Design Trends for 2021- What’s In and What’s Out

Interior Design Trends for 2021 – What’s In and What’s Out

According to the Wall Street  Journal, me and 199 other designers these are some trends we think are on their way out and on their way in. Just some thoughts.

Im not in total agreement nor do I totally disagree.  How’s that for a disclaimer!

Bathroom Trends 2021

1.Bathroom Trends


OUT: Lab like bathrooms. Sterile, austere, white on white is over leaving room for warmer woods and softer tones for a back to nature feel and look.    

IN: Open air showers! I’ve long been a fan of them and as outdoor living becomes more and more popular and traveling less, so do outdoor showers.  They bring the  feel of an exotic vacation home.

Textile Fabric Trends 2021

2. Textiles & Fabric Trends


OUT: Glitzy, shimmery textiles have lost their luster.  There’s a perceived coldness to these fabrics that just won’t appeal to the 2021 homebody.

IN: Fabrics that feel good.  Think Teddy Bear soft, nubby, furry textiles like velvet and boucle’. These offer the tactile comfort so many of us are looking for these days.  You’ll see more of these fabrics used in pillows and upholstery.

Shelfs & Cabinet Trends 2021

3. Shelf & Cabinet Trends


OUT: Clutter courting open shelving. Now don’t freak out if you’ve got your heart set on these you just need to get real with yourself.  If you’re not a full time neatnic you’ll likely live to regret the decision.

IN: Cabinets sans pulls and knobs. Some designers think a ton of exposed hardware can create an eyesore and that can sure be true if the wrong hardware is selected.  Think ugly x 50. On trend are seamless, frameless styles with push latches and grabbable undersides. A less is more look.

Faucet Trends 2021

4.Faucet Trends


OUT:  Matte black fixtures.  These have been hugely popular with the industrial and farmhouse trends, but like so many other farmhouse and industrial trends, there days are numbered. I think there’s still a place for matte black, but take it easy here.

IN: Faucets you can talk to  Who wouldn’t want to minimize contact with germy surfaces!  If you think about it faucet handles are what we touch BEFORE we wash our hands.  To the rescue, smart faucets.  Just connect Siri or Alexa to a voice activated fixture and tell it what to do. “Hey Siri, dispense one cup water and call a psychiatrist while your at it, I’m talking to a faucet.”

Farmhouse Trends 2021

5.Farmhouse Trends


OUT: Modern Farmhouse.  I can hear the collective outcry now, but before you get out your pitchforks and torches know this, I live in Fixer Upper country and we don’t all live in farmhouses nor did we live in old world Tuscan villas when that trend was popular.  People want to get real about who they are and how they want to live.  Your home should be a reflection of that.  Bring in elements of your favorite things and colors and by all means don’t let me stop you if you still dream of Tuscan Villas or MidAmerican Farmhouses.

IN:  Design trends are pointing to darker, moodier spaces like this emerald enveloped bar.  Deep color tones evoke calm and make for great relaxing and sleeping. We just painted a guest room a deep iron color and it’s gorgeous . I wouldn’t recommend painting a whole house dark though. It could be a bit dreary.

Not interested in Trends?

I don’t blame you.   Remember this story is about trends and trend spotting.   It’s a trendy annual migration many designers and publications make.  The bottom line is you need to do you and if that’s gray and white decor, black faucets and hardware, farmhouse decor, light and bright or dark and dusky, just make it beautiful. My two cents on interior design trends for 2021 -What’s In and What’s Out.

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Date Posted: January 14, 2021

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