Interior Design – Texas Style

Texas-Style Interior Design

They say everything is bigger in Texas and even if this home isn’t quite as large as the Ewing’s South Fork mansion, the Fox home is pretty grand at nearly 4000 square feet.

In this home we designed just north of Dallas, the 12-foot ceilings and oversized island pendants definitely qualify as the “bigger” but, the scale and proportion of everything else was carefully considered. Each piece was laid out in 3D to make sure everything would fit and look great together. This is always an important step, but especially so when we’re working in other cities and states. Mood boards for the living, kitchen and dining area were created and are a great tool to convey the design concept.


Great Room

You wont find any antlers, cowhides or Texas stars in this Lone Star State interior design . It may be Texas, but we heard our client when she said, “it’s just too western”. She doesn’t have anything against it, it’s just not her thing. Her style is more what I call “refined casual”. As mother of a two year old, and a champion equestrian, she’s as hardworking and down to earth as you can get. And when it comes to designing a home for her young family, pretty and practical is where it’s at. The black and white color scheme supported by lots of texture and pattern lends itself well to how they live and entertain.




The couple hosts overnight guests fairly frequently, and their comfort was forefront when designing the guest suites. We incorporated some vintage black and white photos from the clients grandmother into the design of one of the guest suites and they’re really just perfect.

Guest Suite


Guest Bath

Dining and entertaining is equally casual but the gilded chandelier above the reclaimed wood dining table brings the refinement. Most family meals are served at the large kitchen island with mom and dad seated in shapely walnut counter stools with baby daughter seated along side in her a highchair.



Powder Room


Living Room Mood Board

What I like most about this interior design, it that this home could fit in almost anywhere. I certainly wouldn’t mind copying and pasting it to my own lot in the neighboring state just north. I bet you wouldn’t mind a home like this either. As for my clients… This is their Texas style.



According to the two year old resident of this Texas home, “Oklahoma and Texas are best friends”.

Theirs hope for humanity

Lots of love,




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