The Top Home Design Trends for 2020

The upcoming decade promises to upgrade the game of home design to a completely new level. While self-expression and individuality will be at the core of the home design philosophy, the all-classic trends will not leave the scene, creating a mixture that is simultaneously bold and traditional.

Below are the top home design trends for 2020:

Sustainable Materials & Hand Crafted Goods

Photo courtesy of Selamat Designs

As we increasingly become more self-aware about the ecological impact we have on the environment, it changes the way we feel for home design.  The preference for sustainable material usage continues to be the trending home design attribute. Sustainably harvested materials such as cork trees and rattan promise to dominate the home design market. Moreover, while the mass-market production is here to stay, people gradually, yet confidently become inclined to buy products, which have a personal story behind, a special connection with the maker.

Two-Toned Kitchens


While the all-white kitchen walls are not fading away anytime soon, the colors are surely taking the turn. I wrote about this trend last year in my Definitive Guide to 2019 Kitchen Trends. The top home design tendency when it comes to kitchen cabinets is the two-toned painting trend: lighter color for high-level shelves and a darker shade for lower cabinets. Mixing earthy materials such as wood & rattan with a color to create a warmer feeling is going to be a vital home design element.

Floral Wallpapers & Patterned Prints


Floral wallpapers & patterned everything is back to the home design scene. While the transmission from neutrals will not be drastic, we will gradually see more colors and patterns of various styles and shape mixing to create non-conventional design prints. Moreover, floral printed fabrics and wallpapers, which have been around for a long-long time, will be back with more abstract/ chic edits. Vibrant colors, such as orange and yellow will play together with the blush-toned, muted pink to help your walls pop.

From Minimalism to Maximalism  

From less is more to more is more, the home design trends will continue to redefine themselves in the newly started decade. With bold and vibrant colors, well-defined and out-of-the-box patterns all over the walls and furniture, definition décor pieces and abstract paintings, maximalism is back to the home design. It is always advisable to use some restraint and not give in to the temptation of over-decorating your place.

While there might be hundreds of home design trends redefining the design industry, it is crucial not to compromise your sense of individuality while trying to keep up with them. Sometimes it is hard to choose what the best is for you and professional advice is crucial. At Design Directions, we make sure your home design is the part of your identity expressed with or without the most vibrant trends of the industry. 


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