Why Do We Go To Market

We just returned from our annual trip to Dallas market. we make this trek every year to see, touch and feel all the new products from some of our favorite vendors. Inevitably, we discover new favorites too. As part of our business we know it’s important to be able to tell our clients with some expertise the quality and comfort of the furniture we are recommending. Market is also a great place to kickstart ideas for new projects. It’s also a great place to get a feel for what’s trending in interior design and home decor. It’s always interesting to learn what trends actually take off and which ones take a nose dive.

If you’re unfamiliar, Dallas Market it is a regional market place where twice a year tens of thousands of Interior Designers,Shop owners,Furniture and Home Decor buyers convene to check out the latest and greatest new products. According to the Dallas Market Center website http://www.dallasmarketcenter.com/ there are more than 25,000 lines of furniture, home accents, floral, garden,textiles and rugs that show at their markets.

Market is always super exciting for me. I absolutely love all things design and build and being with thousands of other people who also love it, makes the building almost pulsate with creative rhythm. From the moment I walk in my mind starts turning, ticking, cataloging, creating and imagining all the possibilities. Fueled by excitement, coffee and usually some candy (there’s so much free candy everywhere) I set out each day to explore as much of the five million square feet as I can. By mid-afternoon as my back begins to revolt, a glass of wine offered by many of the vendors is a much welcomed and needed potion to get me through a few more hours. On the subject of wine, I got a chance to do some field testing of one of Gabby Home Furnishings performance fabric. I poured red wine on white fabric and it rolled right off. https://gabbyhome.com/

Gabby Home Furnishing

Red wine poured onto white performance fabric ran right off.




















Another big plus to attending the January Home and Gift market in Dallas is the international lighting show,that coincides with it. Lightovation adds another 500,000 square feet to explore and is a dreamscape for my design hungry mind. It’s good enough on it’s own so that I will cover my discoveries there in a future article.

International Lighting Show

Beautiful Bespoke Chandelier

Here are a few of my favorite finds and some that I just found interesting.

New Old Looking Rugs

Believable and Affordable new “old looking” rugs

New "old" looking rugs

Believable and Affordable new “old looking” rugs

Rug from Magnolia Home

Rug from Magnolia Home

Pink Lamp

Pale pink is still trending in 2020


Gold & Brass Tones

Gold Tones are sticking around in 2020

Gold Tones Trending

Furniture in gold tones were still popular at market

White vases and Bowls

Love these textured white vases

What's Trending at Market

Shapely Freeform Tables

Freeform table

A white petrified wood look freeform shaped cocktail table

Marble and Wood Tables

I like this rustic wood table paired with the more sophisticated marble table.

Cow Head Trophies

These cows heads threw me a bit. Not something I can imagine I would ever use in a client home. Unless the client was the Stockyard.

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